New Links Added to Clarinet Resource

New Clarinet Links Added to Clarinet Resource

I have added a few new links to my Clarinet Resources. Each have some great information, but the Ultrasound Research conducting by Joshua Garder is particularly interesting. I was in attendance at his session for Clarinetfest 2011 at the University of California, Northridge. He used ultrasound equipment on Robert Spring to show what is happening inside of the mouth during register change and double tonguing.

  • Ultrasound Research on Clarinet Tongue Position - Joshua Gardner
  • Clarinet Clinic: An Organized Approach to Tonguing, Tone, and Tuning - Charles West
  • Three Components of Tone Production: Air, Embouchure, and Tongue Position - David Shea

Stay tuned for more links added to the link list over time. Send me anything that you find useful for clarinetists.