Baermann and Klose SmartMusic Assessments

Baermann’s Celebrated Method For Clarinet is in many ways the bible for developing clarinet technique.[1] In my clarinet studio, the clarinet majors are required to work out of this method each semester and achieve specific skills and tempos.[2] In hopes to help my students to practice these patterns more effectively I have created SmartMusic Assessment files for the Freshman levels in the Baermann Method. These scale requirements include the following patterns in all major and minor keys:

  • full-range scales
  • broken chords
  • interrupted scales
  • returning scales

In creating these SmartMusic Assessment files, I decided to add breaks in the scales for breathing. In this way, a student should be able to record themselves through SmartMusic for an entire key without having to stop the exercise in between patterns. These files will give the student immediate feedback on the percentage of correct notes and the student can then send the recording to the teacher as an assignment.

In addition to the Baermann Method, I also use the Klose scales, arpeggios, and thirds in my daily routine. I have also prepared SmartMusic Assessments for these patterns. I have two versions of the Klose scales: one is broken up with breath marks and another without breaks for practicing circular breathing.

The Baermann files are accessible through my clarinet studio page or direct download links are below.

Baermann SmartMusic Files

Baermann Finale Files

Klose Scales, Arpeggios, Thirds SmartMusic File

  1. Carl Baermann’s Celebrated Method For Clarinet, Part 3 by Carl Baermann (1810–1885). Arranged by Jack Snavely. Published by Kendor Music Inc (KN.21045)  ↩

  2. Click here for the clarinet foundation requirements at Brigham Young University - Idaho.  ↩