Liked: Top 20 Reasons for Using A Metronome

Here is an article giving the The Top 20 Reasons to use a Metronome. I didn’t really know how to practice until I learned how to practice with a metronome. Here are some of the points from the article that I agree with most:

  • It improves your rhythm
  • It makes your practicing more consistent
  • It forces you to listen to something other than your own playing
  • It’s a qualitative way to track your improvement over time
  • It makes you aware of timing issues throughout the song
  • It simplifies challenging rhythms
  • It keeps you from slowing down when you play quiet sections in your song
  • It keeps you from speeding up during loud sections in your song
  • It makes you confident

I love the Dr. Beat metronome. It is loud enough for group practice sessions and easy to add subdivisions, which is vital to practicing with a metronome. I used mine so much that the play/pause button no longer works. I now use an app on my iPhone for all of my metronome practice. It isn’t as loud as my Dr. Beat, but it is loud enough for personal practice. It has subdivisions and also playlists, so I can setup my warmup routine playlist and my favorite tempos are just a finger tap away. The app is Tempo Advance by Frozen Ape software. Many iPhone app metronomes do not keep a steady pulse. I tried many of them and found Tempo Advance to be the most reliable.