Clarinet Festivals and Conferences

Clarinet Festivals and Conference are an important part of developing your clarinet career. As a serious clarinet student, you will want to find opportunities to attend and perform at festivals, conferences, and workshops. Each year, you should look for some festival to participate in when you are not in school, either during the summer months, or when you are off track. This will accelerate your musicianship and allow you to meet other clarinetists to build your network. I have prepared a “Festivals Page” to highlight a few of the following recommended clarinet festivals:

  • Belgian Clarinet Academy
  • Lift Clarinet Academy
  • Claremont Clarinet Festival
  • I.C.A. ClarinetFest

Let me know of other festivals in the comments and I will add them to the page. Checkout the “Festivals Page” for more details and links for registration to each festival.