Ballif Duo Performs at ClarinetFest 2017 in Orlando, FL


Kristi and I had a great performance at ClarinetFest in Orlando on Saturday July 29th. We performed _e++ for flute, clarinet, and electronics_ by Russell Pinkston. We were part of the electronics recital at ClarinetFest. The program is below.


July 29th, 2017 - 4:30pm, Seminole A/B


Music for Clarinet and Electronics

Pacific (2017) Daniel Eichenbaum(b. 1977)


Nora Lewis, oboe

Phillip O. Paglialonga, clarinet

Eric Van der Veer Varner, bassoon

Phillip O. Paglialonga’s appearance is sponsored in part by Gonzalez Reeds


e++ for Flute, Clarinet, and Max/MSP Russell Pinkston

Adam Ballif, clarinet

Kristi Ballif, flute

The Ballif Duo’s appearance is sponsored in part by

Brigham Young University - Idaho



Electro-Beat Triptych Josh Bennett

Hangin’ wit Esquivel (b. 1982)

Josh Bennett, clarinet and electronics



Twitter Rhapsody for Clarinet and Fixed Audio Ken Davies

Sarunas Jankauskas, clarinet

Sarunas Jankauska’s appearance is sponsored by James Madison University



Infinite Edges (2017) Eric Mandat

Eric Mandat, clarinet


Senser-ed fingerings for clarinet quartet Catalina Von Wrangell

and live electronics (b. 1988)


Margaret Donaghue Flavin and Dawn McConkie, clarinets

Danielle Woolery and Michael Walsh, bass clarinets

Prismatic Winds Recital - July 6, 2017

Prismatic Winds Recital, July 6, 2017

The Prismatic Winds will perform works by Karl Pilss, Ferenc Farkas, and Miguel del Aguila. The quintet is please to be joined by Aaron Miller who will be featured on Double Bass for Four Pieces by Farkas. Miguel del Aguila’s Wind Quintet No. 2 is a unique work that includes extended techniques for the quintet. These techniques including flutter tonguing, singing, pitch bends, and key clicks. The variety of music in this program is designed to appeal to all audiences. The recital will be held in the Snow Recital Hall on Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 7:30pm.


Faculty Recital - Clarinet, Cello, Piano

Ballif, Tueller, Thomas Faculty Recital

Thursday, September 22, 2016 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Snow 269 Recital Hall

Music faculty members Adam Ballif, clarinet; Robert Tueller, cello; and Stephen Thomas, piano, will present a recital of chamber music. The recital will open with a standard masterwork for this combination of instruments, Beethoven’s Trio in B-flat Major, Op. 11. Two additional trios from the 20th century will be performed: Robert Muczynski’s Fantasy Trio (1969) and Nino Rota’s Trio (1973.) Free admission, event dress.

This will be streamed live at the following address:

We hope that you can attend or watch the live stream.

Trio Poster

Standing Together, An Interfaith Musical Celebration

Standing Together, An Interfaith Musical Celebration

I am participating in an Interfaith Concert on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 7:00pm. I am performing Darius Milhaud’s Suite for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano with Emma Rubinstein, violin and Stephen Thomas, piano. This is a free concert that will celebrate the several community church musical ensembles in Idaho Falls. It is a free concert with an Ice Cream Social to follow.

When: Sunday, June 26, 2016, 7:00pm

Where: LDS Chapel, 2055 Coronado, Idaho Falls

Interfaith Concert

Oskar Espina-Ruiz, Guest Artist (Clarinet)

Oskar Espina-Ruiz, Guest Artist (Clarinet)

We have a fantastic guest clarinetist on campus this week, Oskar Espina-Ruiz from The University of North Carolina. He will be giving a clarinet masterclass and recital on Wednesday. These are free events and we hope that you will tell your clarinet friends about them.

  • Masterclass, Wednesday 10/21/15, 4:30pm, Snow 153
  • Solo Recital, Wednesday 10/21/15, 7:30pm, Snow Recital Hall

Oskar Espina-Ruiz, a multifaceted clarinet soloist from Spain, Artistic Director of the Treetops Chamber Music Society in the greater New York City area and clarinet artist/professor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA), brings a fresh new look at the clarinet solo recital repertoire, once crowded by angst-filled and experimental pieces, with thrilling and elegant works by composers from Spain, France, Puerto Rico and the United States. As the concert title indicates, Clarinet Without Boundaries, the program showcases the limitless possibilities that the clarinet solo medium offers, constantly breaking technical boundaries and always expanding the boundary-less style of composition predominant today, blending the classical with the popular, and the new with the old. This recital is complemented by a clarinet master class.



Three New ClariNotes

Three New ClariNotes

I have added three new ClariNotes Newsletters to my website. This brings the newsletter up to 18 issues. I am pleased that Vandoren has also recently been linking to specific issues of ClariNotes for their new monthly WAVE Newsletter.

The three new issues are about:


I hope you will check out all 18 issues and find something that can help you improve your clarinet technique.

Clarinet Festivals and Conferences

Clarinet Festivals and Conference are an important part of developing your clarinet career. As a serious clarinet student, you will want to find opportunities to attend and perform at festivals, conferences, and workshops. Each year, you should look for some festival to participate in when you are not in school, either during the summer months, or when you are off track. This will accelerate your musicianship and allow you to meet other clarinetists to build your network. I have prepared a “Festivals Page” to highlight a few of the following recommended clarinet festivals:

  • Belgian Clarinet Academy
  • Lift Clarinet Academy
  • Claremont Clarinet Festival
  • I.C.A. ClarinetFest

Let me know of other festivals in the comments and I will add them to the page. Checkout the “Festivals Page” for more details and links for registration to each festival.


reed geek

There is a new product out for adjusting reeds and it is called the “ReedGeek.” All of the edges can be used in place of a reed knife. It is safe enough to handle without cutting yourself, but sharp enough to adjust reeds precisely without ever needing to sharpen. Each of the long edges are perfect for flattening the reed table. Three smaller edges are useful in adjusting the rails and the tip. The very edge of the ReedGeek is like having an eraser to take off small particles of wood for balancing.

I have had mine for three months now and I love it. I can adjust reeds faster and more accurately than using sandpaper or my reed knife. I am interested to see if it stays sharp and truly doesn’t need sharpening.

I have updated my ClariNotes Newsletter to inlcude the ReedGeek.