Ballif Beats

Practicing with a metronome is key for developing solid clarinet technique. It is easy to practice with a metronome with repertoire that is in simple or compound meter. However, for pieces written in asymmetrical meters, as well as repertoire that has many meter changes, practicing with a metronome is much more difficult. Using Pro Tools, I have created custom metronomes for specific pieces, which follow all of the meter changes.

The samples below are pieces that I have needed metronomes for. Feel free to download and use. If you would like me to create a custom metronome for a specific piece, contact me for an estimate. 

The samples below include two measures of count-off before starting at the indicated measure. The downloads are compressed .zip archives and include separate files for the indicated tempos. These may be synced to your iPhone in a playlist for practicing. 

Sonata, Leonard Bernstein, Last Mvt.

(Tempos: 112, 120, 126, 132, 138, 144, 152)
Metronome starts at the 5/8 in the last movement. Part A is before the Lento Molto, Part B is after. Download all.

Folk Songs, Mvt. 5, Eric Mandat

(Tempos: 170, 192, 208, 220)
Metronome starts at measure 7 and continues to the end of the piece. Download all.

Double Life, Eric Mandat

(Tempos: 102, 108, 112, 120, 126, 132)
Last movement. Download all.

Shadow Boxing for Clarinet and Computer Controlled Electronics, Glenn Hackbarth

(Tempos: 84, 92, 104, 112, 120)
Metronome Starts at Rehearsal B and continues to H. Download all.

Summer Music for Woodwind Quintet, Samuel Barber

(Tempos: 72, 80, 86)
Metronome starts at rehearsal 7 and continues until rehearsal 11. Download all.

Worker's Union, Louis Andriessen

(Tempos: 84, 92)
Download all.