Clarinet Links

I.C.A. (International Clarinet Association) - The International Clarinet Association. All serious clarinetists should be a member of the I.C.A.

Top 10 Orchestral Excerpts - If you are starting to learn excerpts for auditions, start with these, organized into categories by Caroline Hartig.

A "Sound" Approach to Stellar Clarinet Technique - A clinic given by Caroline Hartig.

Clarinet Fingering, Luck or Logic? - Clinic prepared by Dr. James Gillespie and Dr. John Scott from the University of North Texas.

Major Orchestral Audition List - I list of the most common requested excerpts for orchestral auditions. Includes Bb, A, Eb, and Bass clarinet repertoire. This list was prepared by Cecil Gold.

Clarinet Reed Information - The reed is not a mystery and reed-making and adjustment are not voodoo! The reed obeys the laws of physics. A clear understanding of these laws will enable the player to adjust reeds and make reeds through logic. Prepared by Tom Ridenour.

Quality, Not Quantity, is Primary in Developing Clarinet Finger Technique - Article by Tom Ridenour.

Tips For Tonguing - Article by Howard Klug.

Performance and Pedagogy - Article by Henry Gulick (former clarinet professor at Indiana University).

Clarinet Acoustics - The University of New South Wales provides webpages on music acoustics.

Ultrasound Research on Clarinet Tongue Position - A comparison of midsaggital tongue shapes during clarinet performance and vowel production using ultrasound. Joshua Gardner, Arizona State University, and Maureen Stone, University of Maryland Dental School.

Clarinet Clinic: An Organized Approach to Tonguing, Tone, and Tuning - "The Midwest Clinic, An International Band and Orchestra Conference, 2001 Charles West, Virginia Commonwealth University."

Three Components of Tone Production: Air, Embouchure, and Tongue Position - "Tone Production Master Class, Dr. David Shea, Texas Tech University."

Musical Glossary for Kids